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Review of Kupugani Mother Daughter Weekend 2012

Review of Kupugani Mother Daughter Weekend 2012

At the request of the camp director (and with great hesitation), I have removed the contents of this post.  Everything I said is still relevant and honest but he found it hurtful and in the interest of good karma and the golden rule, I am cooperating.

If you are considering attending Kupugani’s Mother Daughter weekend and want to see the content of my review, it is still available by sending an email to sherylmail+mdw@gmail.com which will autorespond with a link and password to view the original post content.



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Sheryl is the CEO/President of A Much Better Way LLC and the natural family living superstore, Betterra.com. Sheryl blogs for fun about ecommerce, eco and kid friendly travel, attachment parenting and anything else that she finds fascinating.

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