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Newborn Taken From Mother Who Refuses Cesarean

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Apparently a New Jersey woman who had the gall to think for herself, refused unnecessary surgery and then proved it .by delivering a healthy baby vaginally. The baby was subsequently taken away by social workers because the mother had refused a cesarean not because she was abusive.

According to Strollerderby:

“A trial judge had already found the parents abusive and neglectful for their decision not to abide by doctor’s orders – even though court documents also showed the baby was “in good medical condition upon her vaginal delivery.”

The second court says the surgery refusal (the basis for the whole case) doesn’t even matter. When the Division of Youth and Family Services showed up after the call from the hospital (over the C-section refusal), they say they found out V.M. had undergone twelve years of psychiatric treatment before the baby was born. The mom won’t reveal what kind of treatment, so they say that’s enough to go on – she’s got the potential to abuse and neglect her child.

So with no allegations of actual abuse to the baby, based on a woman’s refusal to have a perfectly healthy child cut out of her womb, the courts are pawing through her medical history for anything they can use to back up a decision they made . . . wrongly.”

If you think this is an isolated case, then I implore you to read Pushed by Jennifer Block. Anyone who is pregnant, might become pregnant, knows a woman who may become pregnant, has daughters, has granddaughters, knows a woman, is a woman or cares about people should read this book.

There are other stories exactly like this one recounted in Pushed. A medical police state is a reality in modern obstetrical America. This is just one of many reasons why I would never, ever consider giving birth (as a healthy, low risk patient) in a hospital today.

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    The court and social workers must be subjected to psychiatric examination for this bizzare behaviour.

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